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Valesco Centar

We are best known for offering seven different language courses which can be held individually, in pairs or in small groups consisting of 3 to 5 language learners. Find out why VALESCO centre is truly a paradise for all language lovers.
Learn new languages – broaden your horizons!

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Lessons: 8.00 - 21.00 (work days)
Information: 9.00 - 17.00 (work days)

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English is your ticket for a trip around the world - it connects people, explores new cultures and goes beyond all borders.

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Get to know the origins of culture, art and cuisine. Learn Italian – the language of love.

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Serbian for foreigners

Meet one of the more vivid members of the Slavic language group – learn Serbian by getting to know its rich history, culture and traditions.

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Learn Ukrainian and dive into the waters of art movements, stunning cities and unconventional (historical) figures.

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Customs, carnivals and timeless music are all painted in different shades of Spanish, let those colours light up your life.

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Ballet, theatre, movies, the most beautiful pieces of literature, music, science – they are all encompassed in the wondrous, the one and only Russian language.

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